Ashley. 21 yr old Navajo wandering in Arizona/New Mexico.


I don’t want to let you go, but it’s about time I do

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hi, today i feel like a painting. 

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hi, today i feel like a painting. 

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Written by teenagers at the Rock Point School on the Navajo reservation, the story of a young girl who desperately wants to leave the reservation, but is held back by her traditional family, was based on real events in the lives of the writers and actors.

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Graciela Iturbide
Those who live in the sand, Mexico, 1979

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Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes”, directed by Kahlil Joseph 

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yuma arts symposium

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yuma arts symposium


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3 things I miss about New Mexico. Family, weather, and food.

Ovid in Tears
by Jack Gilbert 

Love is like a garden in the heart, he said.
They asked him what he meant by garden.
He explained about gardens. “In the cities,”
he said, “there are places walled off where color
and decorum are magnified into a civilization.
Like a beautiful woman,” he said. How like
a woman, they asked. He remembered their wives
and said garden was just a figure of speech,
then called for drinks all around. Two rounds
later he was crying. Talking about how Charlemagne
couldn’t read but still made a world. About Hagia
Sophia and putting a round dome on a square
base after nine hundred years of failure.
The hand holding him slipped and he fell.
“White stone in the white sunlight,” he said
as they picked him up. “Not the great fires
built on the edge of the world.” His voice grew
fainter as they carried him away. “Both the melody
and the symphony. The imperfect dancing
in the beautiful dance. The dance most of all.”

A new favorite 

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To so many creative people I know and don’t know that are making/doing amazing things. Keep doing it. Keep going.

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Albuquerque aquarium, 2013.